Slot Variance: Guide to Low vs High Volatility Slots

Low-volatility slots, on the other hand, offer smaller wins with a lower risk of losing money. Players should research both the pay structure and frequency of payout of a slot machine in order to determine its volatility. They should also take into consideration the house edge when selecting games. They provide the potential for big wins but also come with a higher risk of losing. These slots often have bonus features like free spins or multipliers that can lead to substantial winnings. However, players may experience longer periods of no wins before hitting a big payout.

High variance vs low variance slots

High variance slots are great for those who are looking to hit the big jackpot right here and don’t mind risking more money in order to do so. These types of slot machines usually require larger bets, as they have higher payout potentials. However, it should be noted that these types of machines can also be quite volatile and may take a lot of time to hit the big win.

Because a low volatility slot game may lack bonus features, it will make up the RTP with small, frequent wins. Low Volatility games will award small winning amounts in higher frequency. Although the prize amount will not be substantial, it can still pad your bankroll and allow you to play over a more extended period. Medium-low variance plinkoman slots have more frequent payouts than regular medium variance slots, but the big winning combinations are less often. They have a higher hit frequency that equates to lesser risk than those in the medium variance level. While you might experience some dry spells, the prospect of hitting substantial prizes keeps the adrenaline pumping.

How to decide whether to play high or low-variance slots

Make smaller bets to make your bankroll last longer, and enjoy the steady stream of smaller wins. For players willing to take on higher risk for the chance of hitting significant jackpots, high-variance slots are the way to go. Just be prepared for longer dry spells between wins and ensure you have a sufficient bankroll to weather the volatility. The amount of money you have on your bankroll will determine if you should play high, medium or low-variance slot machines. For instance, $100 may last for 60 minutes or less on high-variance slot machines, whereas the same amount could last over 240 minutes on low-variance slots. With low-variance games, there is a good chance that you would have made a lot of small wins in an hour. Whereas with high variance games, you would have either depleted your money by then or become a big winner.

High Variance slots allow you to win as much as x10,000, the amount of your initial bet. Depending on your bet value, the bonus rounds can multiply your money until you hit the predetermined marker. Multipliers are scattered throughout the game in bonus games, x2 gamble games, free spins, re-spins, scatters, and wild cards. While volatility describes the risks of losing your money, it also determines the amount of money you can eventually win.

  • Are you a thrill-seeker who loves the chance of big wins, or do you prefer the steady, consistent play with regular rewards?
  • Moreover, these slots are less volatile, ensuring a more stable and predictable gaming experience.
  • A surplus of releases today allows you to enjoy whatever you want – however you want it.
  • If you have a larger bankroll, a high volatility game will give you better odds even though it only shows up once in a hundred spins.
  • For free play games, you don’t need to deposit any money with the casino, but for real money slot games, you’ll need to have an active bankroll.

For example, a bonus game may offer multipliers or free spins, allowing players to win more without placing additional bets. Extras, such as wild symbols or scatter symbols, can also boost winnings by substituting or triggering special features. These additional elements add excitement and variety to slot games, keeping players engaged and entertained. Therefore, paying attention to bonus games and extras could bring about better outcomes in terms of both enjoyment and potential winnings. Advantages of playing high variance slots include the potential for big wins in a short amount of time, which can be exciting and rewarding. These slots often have unique and engaging bonus features, adding to the overall entertainment value. However, one downside is that players may experience longer losing streaks and higher volatility, requiring a larger bankroll and more patience.

Volatility is often used in finance when discussing stock risks and options, while variance is a term used by poker players and, very recently, slot games. Although it’s an essential factor to consider when playing slot games, slot volatility disclosure is not required nor always publicly available. When picking 3-star volatility, you’ll probably play a game of medium to medium-high risks. Variance is a measure of win percentage while return-to-player measures your expected return after several spins. High-volatility slots tend to have low to medium RTP due to their volatility. It goes without saying that if you’re playing a slot that pays out less frequently, you will need to play more spins on average to land a bigger win. More spins either means more money staked, or reducing your bet size per spin to balance out the amount of games played.

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The next level of variance is medium to high volatility, which maybe less popular than others but it is still worth looking at. Although the gamble is lower than high variance slots, you will still find these as a riskier prospect. You will find more medium-high slots with brands such as NetEnt, because they offer a higher RTP percentage than slots under the high volatility category. So, you have a greater chance of winning due to the RTP and the opportunity for larger amounts due to the variance. Playtech was founded in 1999 and have a wealth of slot games in their library, with many well-known feature favourites. Their RTP’s tend to be on the higher level and as such it means they have higher volatility slots. Here are a few of the higher variance names, but again be aware that if they have a progressive jackpot it will be harder to evaluate the patterns.

Pros & Cons of High Variance Slots

High-variance slots offer rarer but larger payouts than low-volatility slots. With a high-volatility slot game, you may go through long and low-paying spins before hitting a decent payout. On the other hand, low variance slots are characterized by frequent, albeit smaller, wins. These games offer a more consistent stream of payouts, making them ideal for players who prefer a more steady and predictable gaming experience.

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For those of you on the cautious side then medium variance will be your best option. It basically means that you are choosing a game with higher pay outs, but your bankroll should last a little longer than the higher variance slots. It’s an option for those who prefer the middle ground and enjoy smaller prizes more frequently. With medium level games such as Jack and the Beanstalk from NetEnt, you will see more bonus features which for many players is what makes a slot game more interesting. First, they provide more frequent payouts compared to high variance slots.

With a cascade-reel mechanic, the popular Ice and Fire slot game developed by Yggdrasil boasts two 5-reel grids and stacked symbols. This slot’s prominent feature is the Shared Wilds, which creates copies of its wild symbols to the opposite reel grid within the same position. Shared Wilds will retrigger after creating a match as long as wilds are in the opposite reel. If you play high variance slots, it can be very helpful to set game alerts which remind you how long you’ve been playing, and deposit limits to help you manage your money. You could say that playing single numbers in roulette is a high variance bet type, because you of the 1 in 37 odds. Let’s look at variance – or volatility, as it’s often called in the slots world – and then check out some of the most popular high variance slots of all time.

RTP is the percentage return that a gaming site will offer a player when they wager, i.e., the return to player. So, if the slot game had a 98% RTP, you should see an average payout of 98 times for every 100 spins. Of course, this is affected by the RNG and as such the number of times you win is random, but most people aim for slots with the highest RTP’s. Not many people have the money to fund this type of game time, so we do have an alternative suggestion. Although most free demo slot games have been removed from casino and slot sites, for those of you who are just visiting a site to test its playability. You can still access demo games as a registered and verified member of the gaming site. This will provide you with the opportunity to play and spin as often as you like, although test spins don’t always provide accurate results.

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Low variance slots offer frequent but smaller wins, making them ideal for players looking for consistent payouts and longer gameplay. To maximize your chances of winning on low variance slots, opt for games with a high return to player percentage and a low volatility rating. This means choosing slots with a low risk of losing a significant amount of money. On the other hand, high variance slots offer higher payouts but less frequently. If you’re willing to take on higher risks for the chance at bigger wins, look for games with a high volatility rating and potential for large jackpots. Remember to adjust your betting strategy accordingly to align with the variance level of the slot you choose. The most pivotal factor differentiating one slot from the next involves game volatility, also known as variance.

Instead, they will focus more on finding a game that appeals to them based on its theme, graphics and minimum bet. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, as these factors form part of why online slots are so popular. It’s important to remember that no matter what type of slot machine you play, there is always the potential to lose money. Players should never bet more than they can afford to lose and should always practice responsible gambling.

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